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Welcome To The Training Center

General Information


Smoking and the use of chewing tobacco are not permitted under the following circumstances;

  • In offices, bathrooms, class rooms, garages and training buildings
  • In atriums, balconies, stairwells, and other similar building features
  • During instructional time on the training grounds
  • Within 20 feet horizontally or vertically of a main exit, exterior entrance, operable window, or air intake opening of a public building

The end-products of tobacco use (e.g., ashes, cigarette butts, spit) shall be disposed of by appropriate means outside of buildings and vehicles, unless it is unsafe to do so, not on landscaped, gravel or paved surfaces.


Personal communication devices are only authorized after class hours or on breaks.  The use of these devices during course time will be outlined in the pre course material and/or by the instructor.


While at this facility please conserve energy. Turn off all unnecessary lights, heaters and air conditioners when not in a room.


Students may not acquire items from the storage areas unless directed to do so by training center staff.


Students may be authorized to use laptop computers for note taking, report writing, research, accessing workbooks, documents and instructor handout materials.

Certain tests and exams may be administered using laptop computers. Students will adhere strictly to all rules and regulations associated with testing. Any compromise or misuse of computers during the administration of a test may be considered cheating and grounds for removal from the course.

There is Wi-Fi access for personal laptop computers this information will be provided during the class orientation.