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SFT ICS-300 Intermediate Incident Command System

ICS-300 provides an in-depth focus on the NIMS Incident Command System (ICS) that includes the tools, practices and procedures that are available in ICS to effectively manage emergency incidents or planned local events at a local Type 3 level. Expanding upon ICS-100 and -200, this course ensures that responders understand the basic ICS concepts that allow an incident management organization to expand and contract as needed to fit the incident and maintain its operational effectiveness. Course will review Roles and Responsibilities, Initial response activities, Staffing and organizing, Relationships and interactions with staff and other stakeholders, Exercise Learning Components, Meetings, Briefings and Support Activities, IAP Prep and Approval, Executing Plan and Assessing Progress, External Coordination, Transitioning and Demobilization. Target Audience Responders who may assume a supervisory role in expanding incidents or Type 3 incidents, such as command staff, section chiefs, strike team leaders, task force leaders, unit leaders, division/group supervisors, branch directors, and multi-agency coordination system/emergency operations center staff. CAL JAC Requirements: satisfies the 24 Hr CAL FIRE Fire Apparatus Engineer (3rd Yr Syllabus) and the 24 Hr CAL FIRE Heavy Fire Equipment Operator (2nd Yr) requirements Pre-requisite (recommended) Successful completion of ICS-100, ICS-200, IS-700, and IS-800


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