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CSTI – Hazardous Materials Incident Commander

Hazardous Materials Incident Commanders are trained to manage hazardous materials emergencies beyond that of the First Responder. Upon arrival to the scene, they formally assume command from the first responder who should have already established a working ICS and would be the interim Incident Commander. This course provides the tools a person needs to assume control of an emergency response to a hazardous materials incident. It focuses on legal and practical requirements to safely and competently manage a hazardous materials incident. Instructional methods include class activities, case studies, and tabletop exercises, with an emphasis on hands on decision making. PREREQUISITES - CSTI First Responder Operations, Basic ICS 100 CAL JAC Requirements - Satisfies the 16 Hr CAL FIRE Firefighter II (3rd Yr Syllabus) and the 16 Hr CAL FIRE Fire Apparatus Engineer (3rd Yr Syllabus) requirements


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